Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bulbasaur on waste canvas

The fiance and I are going to be in a Pokemon Pub Crawl before PAX East at the end of the week, so I decided to do something to show our team (Bulbasaur!) spirit. I stitched these onto some plain black tshirts. I've never used waste canvas before and now I want to put video game sprites on all of my clothes!


  1. Amazing! How did you find using waste canvas for the first time. Any tips/techniques? I'm getting my first load in the post this week, can't wait to start stitching with it!

  2. I found it surprisingly easy to work with actually. I would recommend to make doubly sure that the canvas is even with the material you're sewing on to (I got lucky because the sprite I made the pattern from was already tilted, so you can't tell that I un-tilted him a little haha). It also took a while to get the canvas out after I finished (I had to go in with a pair of tweezers and pull each strand out, one at a time). Other than that, it was a blast and I will probably have sprites on everything I own now. :D